Friday, February 4, 2011

ACE 1.6 released

ACE 1.6 has been released. Among it's notable features are:
  • Support for exporting token stores.
  • New maven-based build system, for easier 3rd party collaboration
  • checkm manifest exporting
  • mproved database storage of tokens.
  • Open subversion repository, and nightly builds.
Download here: ACE Download

A complete list of all improvements and bug fixes is available at: Changelog

When upgrading to 1.6, ACE will attempt to migrate all existing tokens from the older table layout to the newer. This means, the first time you run 1.6, it may take several minutes to perform this migration. The web interface will be unavailable during this migration. You can follow the status of the migration by looking at the ace log file, located in /tmp/aceam.log.